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3 Get Ready (Jul 2012)BUY NOW
<a href="">3 Get Ready, by The Paul Garner Band</a>

Back in 2011 we decided to slim down to a leaner, meaner (cheaper...) trio format, with Claudio as “left hand man” taking on the bass duties. It sounded so good that after a while we started thinking we ought to make a live album and document where the band was at now. It would be easy, we could cobble together some recording gear and DIY it. In time we got some great performances down... all marred by technical glitches with the equipment!

Just as we were losing faith in the DIY approach we got an email out of the blue from this young guy from New York - he’d heard us on Facebook and liked what we were doing and could he record us? In a really nice studio? Naturally we jumped at the chance! We kept the live approach - just play the songs all the way though, no overdubs - but now we had someone who knew what they were doing to handle the rest of it. And now, here it is!

What Colour Will You See (Jun 2009)BUY NOW
<a href="">What Colour Will You See, by The Paul Garner Band</a>

Finally our long-awaited first album is out and, you'll see, it's a beauty. Featuring Claudio Corona on Hammond C3 organ, accordion and even vibrandoneon (look it up!). John Allan on funky double-bass and Jason Ribeiro on drums.

We have 11 tracks in total, including our radical versions of “(I've Got My) Mojo Workin'” and “Hoochie Coochie Man” that are so popular at our live shows. The other nine tracks are all originals and cover topics such as: finding love, losing love, the ever-present demons, looking for love, the evils of empire, making love, breaking love, musings on philosophy and travel.

The CD itself is beautifully presented in a six-panel digipak, with a die-cut sleeve and a full-colour 16-page lyrics booklet. In other words, you get your money's worth. In fact, other CDs on your shelf will probably hide in shame when this arrives.

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Random review
“Incredible maturity, with a unique and refreshing approach... quality shines through at every moment.”
Steve Hoare - Blues Matters! Issue 49 - Jun 2009 Read all reviews...
Love vs Blues (Dec 2004)BUY NOW
<a href="">Love vs Blues, by The Paul Garner Band</a>

Recorded in New Zealand, the album features twelve original songs. Styles range from the latin-influenced title track, through the mardi-gras funk of “Another Day In New Orleans”, to the jump swing of “Tequila Amnesia” and beyond. It's an eclectic and sophisticated blues sound, held together by Paul's songwriting and soulful guitar work.

The album also features three of New Zealand's finest blues/jazz musicians.

Liam Ryan contributes classic jazzy organ, recalling the sounds of Jimmy McGriff and Jimmy Smith. Liam has toured as keyboard player for both Robben Ford and Charlie Musselwhite and has experienced popular success as a member of kiwi band, The Narcs.

Nigel Masters plays double bass. Nigel is normally seen playing with Kokomo - original acoustic-blues stylists and one of NZ's most popular live acts. Here he shows both his feel for the blues and his adaptability, always adding a special something to the varied material.

Warren Houston is an experienced jazz drummer and longtime friend and musical partner to Paul, having played together for many years in Steppin' Out, Paul's father's band.

As a bonus, Paul's original musical influence, his father Mike Garner, plays harmonica on several tracks.

Random review
“The album of 12 original songs demonstrates a maturity of touch and talent that belies Garner's relatively young age (26)... on the evidence of Love vs Blues, Paul Garner certainly deserves to be heard by a wide audience.”
Gordon Baxter - Blues In Britain magazine - (Recommended) Read all reviews...