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Dundee Blues Bonanza
We're delighted to have been booked for this year's Dundee Blues Bonanza festival... We look forward to meeting new fans up in Scotland and having a great trip!
Proud Galleries
We've done a couple of dates now at this hip venue in the heart of Camden. On our own Gallery page there are some new videos of the first gig. We're back there again on Sun 26 Sept!
Round Midnight
Well the night time is the right time... to pop on over to the Gallery page to see some videos of our recent gig at the splendid Round Midnight bar in Islington. We're back there again on October 2nd!
An 'Excello' time in Spain...

I was over in the south of Spain, for the Mijas International Blues Festival, with West Weston again this year. As well as performing as the Bluesonics we also had the great pleasure of backing, not only London's own rasta-blues icon, Jerimiah Marques but also the headline act, Louisiana swamp-blues legend Lazy Lester!

This was a huge thrill for me as I got to play a bunch of his classic songs - Sugar Coated Love, I'm A Lover Not a Fighter and of course, They Call Me Lazy - with the man himself. After the festival we also had the privilege of recording a live album with Lester, for none other than Mike Vernon! Hopefully we all played well and something will get released later this year. It's scary to think one of the last guitarists to record with Lester was Jimmie Vaughan...!

What an awesome week that was. I'm hoping to dig up some more photos and video, in the meantime that's the whole group of us above, at the Hotel Mijas after doing a spot on local TV.

The power of 3

Late last year Sebastiano left us to pursue his musical studies, so we had to make do without double-bass for a while. In the process we found we really enjoyed playing as a trio. Claudio's left-hand bass from the organ is a very strong fat sound and as a unit, if anything, we're both tighter and yet more agile and free to improvise in this format.


The feedback from people at gigs has been great and we're loving it, so this is official - we're a trio!

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